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Thermal imaging is a non-destructive way of testing for natural gas leaks and electrical loss. In addition we can see:

  • Flare stacks and solar panel efficiencies
  • Cylinders, cylinder rods, packing, and valve temperatures
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Thief hatches
  • Make sure PSV’s are holding
  • Make sure electrical components run at full efficiency, saving on repairs and overheating issues
  • Quantify rate of vented gas i.e. surface casing vents, instrument vents or compressor purges
  • Locate infloor heating lines for installing of anchors or sumps
  • Check residential/commercial/industrial insulating jobs

What are the benefits to this technology?

  • Greatly improves operator safety by detecting accurately emissions at a safe distance
  • Eliminates need for shutdowns of operation
  • Ensures maintenance and repairs are completed effectively
  • Provides the ability to check new facilities for leaks
  • Makes sure electrical wires and connections are installed properly
  • Finds the smallest leaks only a camera can see
  • Helps to protect the environment by spotting environmentally harmful gases.

What are the advantages for your business?

  • You are able to repair costly gaseous & electrical leaks
  • Incorporate into your preventive maintenance program to reduce downtime
  • Stop leaks that could cause explosions
  • Reduce costly electrical bills
  • Meet environmental reporting legislation
  • Stay OGC and AER Compliant

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